i5 STD Olive Sorting Machine (Color Defect Size)

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Turkey / Balıkesir / Havran

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Üyelik Tarihi : 30 Kasım 2020
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i5 Olive Sorting Machine (Color Defect Size)

Selection and calibration system based on quality olives, size, shape and color of the fruit.

Main features:

 Select and calibrated in a single operation.

 Made of stainless steel and food grade polymer materials.

 Transport over individual rolls.

 Vision through high definition digital camera.

 Long life LED strobe lights.

 Electronics in a sealed air-conditioned box in stainless steel.

 Controlled by a single PC under Windows.

 Pneumatic ejection system with 12 outputs.

 Support sorting and calibration of any fruit that is able to rotate on any of its axes. Minor axis between 12 ~ 23 mm and the major axis, smaller than 35* mm of diameter.

 Possibility of a remote connection with the Communications Option.

 Simple and versatile handling through a touch screen.

Production (manzanilla olives): 460.000 fruits / hour (80 load)

Estimated production of 2,000 kg / h for a caliber of 200/220 fruits / kg.

Technical features:

 Operating voltage: 230 Vac. ±10 PH, 50/60Hz

 Power: 5 Kw

 Operating / storage temperature: 10~45ºC/ 5~50ºC.

 Relative operating / storage humidity: 80 non condensing.

 Pneumatic pressure for connection: 8 bar

 Pneumatic pressure for operating: 4 bar

 Weight: 770 Kg / 1700 lb.

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